Managed OneRoster

Bringing it all together.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

EdGraph - among other things - is a Data Integration Platform. Since 2015, we've offered our Managed Ed-Fi Service. Now we are moving into providing managed services for other common data standards...

And we are proud to announce the release of our Managed OneRoster Service!

OneRoster is a widely-used data standard in the K-12 space, supporting roster, course, and grade data. Coupled with our powerful data integration tools (DataSync, flat file import, etc...), EdGraph's new Managed OneRoster Service greatly simplifies the process of getting data out to your organization's apps.

Why a Managed Service?

OneRoster Out-of-the-Box

  • Centralized Operational Data Store
  • Limited Cluster Technology
    (for large-scale deployments)
  • Manual Scaling
  • Basic Customer Support

EdGraph Managed OneRoster

  • Centralized Operational Data Store
  • Modern Cluster Technology
    (for large-scale deployments)
  • On-Demand Scaling
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Automatically Spin Up OneRoster Instances
  • OneRoster Version Management
  • Multiple OneRoster Versions in Parallel
  • Software/Hardware Management
  • Network Management
  • Role-Based Security/SSO
  • Centralized App Launcher
  • Automated data-out for 3rd party vendors
  • Powerful, built-in data integration tools
  • Use powerful, built-in synchronization utilities to get data IN, and then automatically spin up client key/secrets to allow external access to your OneRoster data.
  • Allow applications to access only the data elements that you choose. Further restrict to read-only or full CRUD access.
  • Let us keep pace with OneRoster version changes by automatically updating the database table structure/schema, as well as performing needed validations on new releases... so you don't have to.
  • Let us manage all hardware, networking infrastructure, and operating system software - and enjoy unprecedented reliability and scalability.
  • Spin-up new OneRoster instances automatically, with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Hardware and network infrastructure scales based on usage due to our partnership with Microsoft Azure; only pay for data consumed.
  • Supports direct API to API data exchange - with no data mapping required!
  • Generate a OneRoster CSV bundle sourced by your data - with just a single click.