Bring it all together with EdGraph.

For the first time, easily aggregate information across education systems into one, central location. Unlock your data for analytics, validation and more.


EdGraph® is a platform that aggregates data from a variety of siloed systems into one operational datastore, aligned to the Ed-Fi standard. Using built-in interoperability utilities, data can be automatically integrated in and out of the ODS. First- and third-party applications can tap directly into ODS data, which can be securely accessed via the platform -- making EdGraph the universal hub for your operations.

In addition to our Managed Ed-Fi Service, we offer timely and comprehensive Analytics, powerful Data Validation and governance solutions, and more.


First- and third-party apps, based on open standards, intuitively and automatically take care of back-end integration -- so you don’t have to.


Integration between your systems unlocks the power of your data via identity services, adaptive decision making, validation, and more.

Unlock Insights

With all your data in one unified hub, it is easier than ever to obtain actionable data and analytics to drive your decision making.


EdGraph is a Software-as-a-Service solution for aggregating data from multiple systems, making it available for analytics, validation, and more. It's built in a modular fashion, allowing organizations to only purchase the apps/functions that suit their specific needs.

Managed Ed-Fi

Disparate data can be aggregated into a single hub with Ed-Fi. EdGraph's Managed Ed-Fi Service eliminates the need to hire extra staff, buy and configure additional infrastructure, and manage another platform internally.


With Ed-Fi making data integration a reality, it is now possible to create real-time visualizations and comprehensive, longitudinal reports. Via EdGraph Analytics, districts can support student success and spot troubling trends.

Data Validation

Since districts often house their data in multiple siloed systems, bringing it all together can be a challenge. Via EdGraph’s Data Validation Module, districts can intuitively promote health in their various data systems.


We’ve crafted a platform that provides true ownership of your organization’s data from one centralized hub. The EdGraph SaaS Platform allows for powerful integration / interoperability, intuitive and custom analytics, identity provisioning / SSO, role-based security, hosting flexibility, and much more.

Web Portal

A single pane of glass for launching a growing list of first- and third-party apps powered by common open data standards.


Gain insight into disparities within individual student populations and compare their results to benchmarks, across domains (grades, attendance, discipline, etc…).

Flexible Hosting

Runs anywhere, whether you choose to host in your data center or your preferred secure cloud provider such as Azure or AWS.


Includes a built-in identity provider, to take advantage of near-real time user updates, or simply use another OAuth 2.0 provider such as Office 365 (Azure Active Directory) or Google.

Longitudinal Reporting

Flexible multi-year reporting and interactive dashboarding via EdGraph’s Analytics app - both from a library of constantly evolving report packs as well as powerful, simple to use custom reporting features.

Open Standards

True interoperability solution that is built on a foundation of open standards and protocols, such as Ed-Fi, IMS Global, OAuth 2.0, and more.


The SaaS cloud model makes EdGraph affordable by eliminating the need to buy additional infrastructure and only pay for the data consumed.


View trends over time for a student or student population via interactive, visual dashboards. Spot troubling trends and pursue appropriate action/intervention plans.

True Interoperability

Use the EdGraph DataSync app to aggregate data from across siloed data systems into one data store. Even import data from non-compliant systems.


We work together with innovative organizations to help drive the vision of interoperability forward and to provide a platform for seamless integration between their cutting-edge apps and districts, collaboratives, and state agencies.