Introducing Managed OneRoster as a Service

EdGraph - among other things - is a Data Integration Platform. Since 2015, we've offered our Managed Ed-Fi Service. Now we are moving into providing managed services for other common data standards, and we are proud to announce the release of our Managed OneRoster Service!

OneRoster is a widely-used data standard in the K-12 space, supporting the roster, course, and grade data domains.

Who Is This For?
  • Education Organizations (school districts, educational service agencies/collaboratives, state agencies)
  • Vendors (assessments, SPED/IEP management, gradebooks, etc…)

  • Automatically spin up an instance in minutes
  • Support for multiple instances in parallel - even different versions
  • Support for API to API data exchange - with no data mapping required!
  • Export a OneRoster CSV Bundle download
  • Enjoy proven-scalable technology, with existing vendors supporting hundreds of districts
  • Offload the technical debt by letting us manage all network, hosting, and deployment requirements
  • Let us keep pace with OneRoster version and schema changes - so you don't have to 
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