EdGraph® Named OEA Advanced Partner by Microsoft

We are thrilled to announce that EdGraph has been recognized as an "OEA Advanced Partner" by Microsoft's Open Education Analytics (OEA) Program.

Open Education Analytics (OEA) is a collaborative community of education systems and technology partners, led by Microsoft Education, focused on developing open-source data analytics solutions for the education sector, powered by Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Power BI. OEA Advanced Partners are trusted third-party providers who excel in implementing the OEA reference architecture at educational organizations and bringing data and AI use cases to life.

The EdGraph team has earned the Advanced Partner badge through their work in co-developing the Ed-Fi module for OEA alongside Microsoft. This accomplishment highlights their deep expertise in Ed-Fi education data standards.

If you're interested in implementing open-source technologies like OEA or Ed-Fi within your organization, let EdGraph handle the heavy lifting. Visit EdGraph.com to discover more about their Managed Ed-Fi service, Analytics solutions, and Data Validation module, all of which leverage the OEA framework. EdGraph's commitment to the Ed-Fi and OEA open-source communities has already helped numerous school districts, education service centers/collaboratives, and education technology vendors embark on their data journey using OEA reference architecture, open-source modules, training, and real-world use cases.

Jean-Francois Guertin, CTO of EdGraph, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "EdGraph is thrilled to expand our partnership with Microsoft and advance the vision of open-source technologies like OEA and Ed-Fi. Leveraging open-source allows organizations to retain their investment in analytics, rather than building on proprietary ecosystems that have a finite life cycle."

Maria Langworthy, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Education and one of the founders of OEA, said, "The OEA team is delighted to see EdGraph reach the Advanced Partner level. The Ed-Fi module accelerates data analytics in education by seamlessly integrating multi-year and multi-district data using advanced technologies like data Lakehouse architecture and Synapse pipelines. Its streamlined setup process enables the quick creation of a SQL Serverless database, saving time and resources for educational institutions. EdGraph contribution in developing the Ed-Fi module for OEA is a valuable open-source asset that will empower districts and state departments of education to accelerate their data integration and analytics initiatives. We look forward to continuing our relationship with EdGraph."

Together, we are shaping the future of education analytics through collaboration and innovation.

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